Are you trying to watch via Apple TV?

We now have a native Apple TV app*! Simply search for "CuriosityStream" from your AppleTV app store.

*Only compatible with the 4th generation Apple TV. Older models can still utilize AirPlay.

Test the Internet connection on the Apple TV:

  1. From the Apple TV main menu, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Test Network.
  5. Select OK.

If the connection test fails, see Apple's support site for help troubleshooting your Apple TV's connection to your home network. If the test succeeds, continue on to the next step.

Powercycle the Apple TV:

  1. Unplug the power cable either from the back of the Apple TV or from the wall.
  2. Wait 5 seconds and plug the device back in.

Try to play the title again after restarting your Apple TV:

After you've restarted the Apple TV, you may need to sign out and back into your CuriosityStream account if you're still seeing an error message when launching the app or when you start playback.

  1. Launch the CuriosityStream app. If you get an error when launching the app:
    • Press the Play button on the Apple TV remote while the error is on your screen.
    • Select Deactivate/Sign out.
    • After you've signed out, enter your CuriosityStream login information to sign back into CuriosityStream.
  2. Try to play your movie or TV show. If you get an error when you start playback:
    • Press the Menu button on the Apple TV remote until you're on the "Who's Watching CuriosityStream?" screen.
    • Select the Sign Out option from the menu.
    • After you've signed out, enter your CuriosityStream login information to sign back into CuriosityStream.

Update the firmware on your Apple TV:

From the Apple TV main menu:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Update Software.
  4. Select Download and Install.
  5. Once the update is complete, launch CuriosityStream and attempt to stream again.

NoteIf your Apple TV displays the message "Your Apple TV is up to date" and you are on a version lower than 6.2.1, we recommend contacting Apple for support.

Using AirPlay

Apple TV's "AirPlay" feature allows you to watch CuriosityStream content on big-screen TV sets. Apple TV requires both a modern iOS device (iPhone 4 or later, iPad, or iPod Touch 4th generation or higher) and an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation).

To use AirPlay:

  1. Connect your iOS device and Apple TV or AirPort Express to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center.
  3. Tap AirPlay.

Note: We highly recommend you disable "Mirroring" when using AirPlay for the best possible viewing experience.


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