Offline Viewing with Mobile Apps

CuriosityStream has offline viewing available on our Android and iOS mobile apps so you can take your favorite documentaries with you on the go!

To watch CuriosityStream shows and films straight from your mobile device without internet access later:

1. Download the latest version of the CuriosityStream app from the Google Play or iTunes App store.
2. Open the app and navigate to the show you would like to save to watch offline.
Hit the “SAVE” button (down arrow) located below the title. For a series with multiple episodes, you must select a specific episode to save.
3. Once your selection has finished saving, you will find the saved show in the “MY STUFF” section at the bottom of the app under the “SAVED” category.
4. Access your saved shows ANY time and enjoy!

Don’t stop at just one! You can save up to 10 hours of content at a time. If you would like to delete a show from your SAVED queue to create space for more content:

1. Go to the “MY STUFF” section at the bottom of the app and select the “SAVED” category.
2. Next, to the show, you would like to delete, click the SAVED button (phone with a check mark) (Android) or swipe left on the show (iOS), and select “DELETE.”


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