Why do I see ads as a paying subscriber?

In order to offer some of our content for free, CuriosityStream has partnered with carefully chosen brand sponsors, who also value curiosity and smart factual storytelling.  With the help of these sponsors, we can now offer a few gems from our library to a larger audience for free on our homepage.  In addition to their support of our free service, CuriosityStream’s sponsors have enabled us to reduce our monthly and annual subscription rates, now starting at $2.99/month or $19.99/year for our high definition plan.  We think these new rates make CuriosityStream “priced for the planet.”  Our ultimate goal is to allow as many people as possible to dive deep into the wonders of our planet and the Universe with CuriosityStream’s binge-worthy documentaries.

All programs will be free of commercial interruption.  As a paying subscriber at our new rates, you may see one ad ahead of your program per sponsor per session or a simple slate acknowledging our sponsors.  We agree that ads disrupt the documentary experience and we are working with our sponsors to ensure that their messaging doesn’t come at the cost of your enjoyment of our library. Ultimately, we believe that the lower pricing of CuriosityStream will more than make up for the brief messaging at the start of our programs.

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