What are the benefits of a CuriosityStream annual plan?

If you're currently paying monthly for your CuriosityStream subscription and are committed, you can save more than 40% every year by switching to our annual plans.
Example screen shot from Annual plan sign up page on CuriosityStream.com (https://curiositystream.com/signup/)
Can I get a refund on my CuriosityStream annual plan?
Our annual plans function similarly to our monthly plans; both plans can be canceled at any time, but they continue to function through their respective prepaid billing periods. For monthly accounts, that billing period is 30 days, but for our annual plans, the billing period is a full calendar year.

The annual plans offer a better value and a substantial discount in exchange for paying up front and in advance for a full year of service. Monthly plan holders pay higher rates, among other reasons, for the flexibility to discontinue their plan on a month-to-month basis, but those who opted for the savings afforded by the annual plan chose a nonrefundable bulk purchase of a full year of service.

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