Subscribing/Managing CuriosityStream using Roku, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Billing

In addition to creating accounts through our website,, you can create your account using a different Billing payment method, (i.e. apple, google, Roku). Customers who sign up using a different Billing method outside of our website, are able to manage/update their accounts using the following instructions per device.  You will also reactivate your account through this method.

Roku Billing:

  • Please make sure your payment method is up to date in your Roku billing account
  • If not done already, Add the CuriosityStream channel through the Roku channel store
  • Launch the app on your Roku device
  • Select "sign up" for new subscriber or Sign in for returning
  • If you are signing Up please follow the promptings and selections
  • If you are returning to us, please scroll to the bottom of our CuriosityStream App
  • Click on Resubscribe
    • You will need to select your plan, then you will see terms of service
  • Please scroll through the Terms and accept
  • ROKU will Connect to the store and may require you to put in your ROKU Pin

If all is updated correctly you will receive a message that will say you are was successfully resubscribed.

Google Play:

To Manage Your Account

  • Go to your CuriosityStream APP > Settings > Manage Account
  • Select - Change Subscription Plan or Manage Subscription on GooglePlay
  • If you are changing plans - Select the new plan through clicking Change Subscription Plan
  • Hit Confirm

Please note, to reactivate or cancel, select "Manage Account on GooglePlay" option on the menu you will see within the CuriosityStream app

Itunes from iPad/iPhone App:

Open the CuriosityStream App

  • On the bottom of the App on the far right you will see SETTINGS
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Click Manage Account
  • The account profile will then redirect you to your iTunes account where your subscription details are located.

You can manage your subscription in this location.

Amazon (not to be confused with Amazon Prime Add-On):

  • When you are signed into your Amazon account you will need to locate your “Your Android Apps and Devices” option under your name in the top right.
  • On the left under MANAGE on the top you will see YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS
  • Under status where you see your subscription for CuriosityStream, you will see ACTIONS.
  • Please click on ACTIONS and a menu will populate.

*On some devices, you can manage your subscriptions and update auto-renewal settings within the Amazon Device's Appstore. SETTINGS> APPLICATIONS>APPSTORE>MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTIONS

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