I'm an Amazon Prime member and I signed up for CuriosityStream as an ADD On. Who do I contact?

The best way to receive support for your CuriosityStream Add On subscription with Amazon Prime Video, is to go to Amazon Video support center (i.e. billing, streaming issues, other technical support etc.). If it's an issue concerning a CuriostyStream.com account, not through Amazon Prime, you can contact our help center directly.

You can choose to add onto your Amazon Prime account and stream our service through your Prime account.  Click here for more on Amazon Add On 

The CuriosityStream app for Amazon Streaming Devices can only be used by users that have an account directly through CuriosityStream.com. If your account is through your Amazon Prime membership, your log on credentials will not work for the App and must be used directly through your Amazon Prime account.  

* If you have a Amazon Prime account with the CuriosityStream Add on account, please go to Amazon for any further assistance if the above does not work for you.  You can also reach them directly at (866) 216-1072.

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