Can I be a CuriosityStream member if I am an international customer?

Yes!  You are able to sign up for a free trial to see if we are a match for you, both in interests and compatibility of devices! You can go to and sign up for an account right now!

Currently we accept major credit/debit cards that have MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS logo on them. You can also purchase a prepaid VISA/MASTERCARD from a local store and use that card to sign up for CuriosityStream. This is sometimes a good alternative to using your credit card.

CuriosityStream is available worldwide in all countries. While content may vary depending on which country you are streaming our content library from, you will have unlimited access to a majority of our titles. The availability of our content varies according to geographical locations and licensing agreements with our partners.

Original productions from Curiosity Studios, such as Destination Pluto, A Curious World, Curious Minds, and the 4K production Big Picture Earth – are available worldwide. Acquired content (from BBC, NHK, TerraNoa, ZED etc.), such as the feature documentaries and series may be subjected to geo-blocking.

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