Viewing CuriosityStream through Amazon Fire TV

How do I get CuriosityStream on my Amazon Fire TV/Stick?

CuriosityStream is now viewable on the newest Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV 2014, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Before you can download the app, you must have an Amazon account. You will also need to have a CuriosityStream account.

  1. From the Amazon Home screen, search for “CuriosityStream” in the upper search bar. You should see the CuriosityStream app come up. Click on the logo or title to follow through to the details page.
  2. To download the CuriosityStream app, in the box to the right select the device to deliver the app to and click “Get App”.
  3. You should now have the CuriosityStream app on your Fire TV. Get your curiosity going and start streaming!

Quick Guide to Use the CuriosityStream App

After successfully downloading the Amazon Fire TV CuriosityStream app, you can sign in with your email and password. (If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up on a separate platform) 

 Once logged in, you should be able to view the home screen which will look something like this.

For some quick tips on how to navigate:

  • The cursor (indicated by the glowing circle) will always start in the top left corner
  • The slider only moves left and right
  • To go all the way back to the top, hold down the "up" button
  • Besides searching by search terms, another feature of the Amazon Fire TV app is the time filter (see screenshot below) to determine the length of the videos you want displayed.

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