I can’t find a title I’m searching for

First, check to see that you are typing in the search engine the name of the title or phrase correctly. If the spelling is off, the title from your search queries will not appear. If you have enabled Kids Mode on the website version of CuriosityStream, that may also be a reason for missing titles on other devices. 

If you are traveling outside of the U.S., you may find that certain selections in the CuriosityStream library are no longer available. This is due to geo-blocking restrictions for certain licensed programs. While 80% of CuriosityStream's titles are viewable worldwide, a selection of our programs may have certain SVOD licensing agreements already in place that prohibit these titles from being watched in certain countries. When you are in those countries, you may find your library has certain titles missing from your library and new titles available for viewing. Once you return to the U.S. or your main country of residence, your usual program selections should become available for viewing in your CuriosityStream library.

Fortunately, new titles will become available to watch when you travel so we hope that you may enjoy the varied library selections outside of our U.S. offering.

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