How does CuriosityStream charge my account?

CuriosityStream safely stores payment information and data for each new user.  Your account will only incur charges, on your provided credit card or through PayPal, 7 days after your initial sign-up.  From then onward, charges will occur based on the plan selected.  New subscribers may cancel at any time within your free trial (within 7 days of initially signing up) and avoid charges on your card. Charges will match your selected subscription plan's rate plus applicable tax if any.

Please note that upon entering your credit card information at the start of your free trial, you may see an authorization charge on your card.  This is only temporary and will be removed from your charges once CuriosityStream verifies with your financial institution that your payment method works.  These requests are not charges, but in some cases they may affect your available account balance.



Please be aware, if you signed up through Roku, Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon, you can only manage your CuriosityStream account through their dedicated platform. For more information or to manage your account please click here.

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