Navigating CuriosityStream

Our user-friendly site allows you to easily discover new content and stay up to date with the latest releases and news. We have created some tools that can help guide your experience:

  • Trending videos, which aggregate the top videos watched by users.
  • Watchlist (previously bookmarks), a place for you to save videos to watch later.
  • Watching, a list of videos you have started watching and not completed.
  • History, a list of videos you have completed watching.
  • Recommended videos, which are videos suggested for you based on your viewing habits.
  • Top videos in each main category: Science, Technology, Civilization and Human Spirit.

You will also find that the Header tabs of the website will help you navigate the platform.

The Top Menu will give you access to BROWSE by typing in your search word(s) or selecting from the topics listed in the drop down: Science, Technology, Civilization, Human Spirit, Biology, Earth, Genetics, Medicine, Mind, Nature, Physics, and Space.

There is also an access point for your account listed under your name in the top right of the website, available at any time. You will be able to dive into the world of documentaries, lecture, our retreats lectures, and more, with over 1,500 selections to choose from.

The sections under your name provide access to your HISTORY, WATCHING, WATCHLIST, ACCOUNT, GIFT CARDS, and SIGN OUT.


Keywords: trending; bookmarked; recommended; top videos; topic; expert; format; type; documentary; interview; lecture; performance.

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